I don’t care if he was resisting or if you feared for your life
I don’t care if all you thought about was your kids and your wife
I don’t care if you wrote in your report you thought you saw a knife
That Black Man should be Alive today

I don’t care if it was a traffic stop that’s usually routine
I don’t care that you can’t tell the difference between an adult and a teen
I don’t care that his plates popped up on your little screen
That Black Man should be Alive today

I don’t care if…

Donald Trump suspended from all social media

On January 6th, 2021, Donald Trump vocalized his following into an attempted insurrection on the Capitol to interrupt the confirmation of Joe Biden as President. The coup attempt left 5 people dead including a woman holding a “don’t tread on me” flag trampled by the mob and a guy who tased his own balls whilst trying to steal a painting.
Various social media platforms banned Trump. Right-wing social media app Parler was removed from various networks. Many people were rightfully upset, angry, and scared.
A constant comparison for Donald Trump has been to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. The…

Like seriously, look at this guy

I grew up in Alabama. One thing that always struck me as odd was the level of enthusiasm for the University of Alabama football team. I like sports. I respect athletes and their ability. But I would never wear a polo shirt and paint my face for a bunch of 19 year olds who I’ve never met, nor would I murder my friend for not being upset enough about them losing a game I have no control over. Fandom is one thing, but being a complete geek is another. Like I personally am a lifelong fan of pro-wrestling. I even…

Ahmaud Arbery (1994–2020)

Everytime I see in the news of a Black person unjustly killed, my instant reactions are heartbreak and fear.
I think about my cousins in the South. Cousins who work in hospitals, work as security, work in IT. What could turn them into a statistic, a hashtag, a viral video.
I think about my uncles and stepdad who work at libraries, in prisons, and in social media.
I think about my days of walking my dog or going for a run in a majority white California neighborhood.
When might I veer off the track where I’m unknown to someone?

Our Generation’s Rosa Parks

COVID-19 has run rampant through the entire planet. With currently over 2 million reported cases and 165,000+ deaths, it’s become one of the most rapidly horrific global pandemics in modern history.
But the problem is…the timing. See, a lot of people- especially in America, have to go to work. Currently, due to the Coronavirus being so easily transferable, contagious, and new; a lot of businesses and events have been forced to shut down with stay-at-home orders put in place in hopes of isolating the number of cases — AKA “flattening the curve” so maybe down the line, we can all…

An open letter to those who insist on remembering Kobe Bryant at his lowest point

Photo: Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Dear White women,

You won’t believe this, but I’m going to say it anyway: It’s okay to take time before you speak on something. That pause — that period of respectful restraint — doesn’t sweep things under a rug. It doesn’t cast a different light on those involved. In times of mourning or celebration, it’s totally fine not to immediately bring up someone’s demons. Some issues, some people, and some pasts are nuanced.

Shortly after the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant — who died in January in a devastating helicopter crash along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, and…

Kobe Bryant (1978–2020), Gigi Bryant (2006–2020)

You won’t believe this, but…it’s OK to take time before you speak on something. Some issues, some people, and some pasts are nuanced. It doesn’t sweep things under a rug, it doesn’t paint a different light on those involved, but in times of mourning or celebration, it’s totally fine to not bring up the complexities or demons of someone who has passed.
Within minutes of the announced death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, many of you were quick to say things like, “why would you mourn a rapist?” or “there are other heroes you should mourn.” The why is because…

Carson King

Recently I heard the story of Carson King. Carson was a college student in Iowa who held up a sign on ESPN’s “College GameDay” with his Venmo requesting money for more Busch Light and received a million dollars. He donated the million to a CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. Several corporations decided to match the million and Anheuser-Busch even claimed they would put up a million dollars. A local newspaper then dug into tweets from when Carson was 16 and found some that were racist. There’s no defense of racism at any age but Anheuser-Busch then stated they wanted “no further association” with…

Joe Budden and a couple of his nearest and dearest friends

If you’re a purveyor of social media, you’ve had at least one instance of seeing an article posted and the reactions only being based on the headline. The operation of clickbait has been long-standing as our attention spans have gotten shorter and we seemingly fail to realize the value in reading comprehension, especially when we limit ourselves to literally “judging a book by its cover.” Why is it that we have taken such strides in humanity and tolerance that we have now destroyed the idea of nuance and reasoning? …

Marie Antoinette (or an artist rendering at least)

Marie Antoinette died on October 16 of 1793 at the hands of the guillotine following the French Revolution. During her tenure as Queen of France, rumors spread of Marie as promiscuous, shrewd, pompous, and traitorous. During her trial, she and her defense were given one day to prepare despite a fate predetermined by her detractors. She was sentenced to death and while being bound and subjected to jeers from strangers, she maintained her composure. Her final words were, “Pardonnez-moi, monsieur. Je ne l’ai pas fait exprès.” …

Martin Mandela Morrow

Martin is a comedian, actor, and writer as seen on Last Comic Standing & Recipe For Seduction. Follow him @martinMmorrow on all socials.

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